Кириллический шрифт EngraversGothic BT

Шрифт EngraversGothic BT

Скачать кириллический шрифт EngraversGothic BT без регистрации, прамая ссылка на шрифт EngraversGothic BT.otf, версия 001.001, размер файла 100.52 Кбайт, это шрифт EngraversGothic BT Normal Designed at Bitstream in 1990 on the base of Copperplate Gothic by Frederic W. Gaudy. An old extended grotesque. For use in advertising and display typography and for labels on the plates on the doors of law offices and banks. Bold weight and Cyrillic version for Regular weight were designed in ParaType in 2003 by Isabella Chaeva.

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